Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Secret Conversion Strategy for L

I'm gearing back up to Real Life after a long period of holiday goofing off. Two remaining relatives still to board planes, and after that I'll be all out of excuses.

Have been making embarrassingly frequent use of the despised automobile, but at least it's usually with more than one person in the car. I realize now that I was neglectful in not ensuring that Lindi be completely converted to the biking life before winter set in. No one converts in miserable weather. This must be accomplished in summer. I will begin a serious proselytizing effort in the spring. Even though the rain doesn't end till July, I'll probably need that much time to convince her. It's counterproductive even mentioning it these days, the way I come home looking like the drowned wrath of god all the time. The occasional glorious days of spring will help. Then, come July, she'll be ready for a daily practice. As next fall rolls in, I'll make sure she's outfitted with the best rain gear. Before she knows it, she'll have ridden right into winter. If she makes it to Christmas there'll be no turning back.


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