Monday, March 12, 2007

The Truth about Schlepping

Alley Cat wrote a comment (scroll down to see) in response to my last post and pointed out the obvious thing, which for some strange reason I chose to ignore: Clearly that bike rig was the two-wheeled equivalent of a shopping cart. This is not a person who has the luxury of investing in super-lightweight tools and all kinds of fancy sleek and ergonomic biking equipment. It isn’t that he’s “not worried” about tight corners or extra weight, it’s that he has other priorities on his mind, like possibly, “Get Food” or “get cigarettes” or “get drugs” or “find a place to sleep.”

Only reason I myself am not out there schlepping mountains of stuff around with me is that I have the good fortune to have somewhere to put it all. My home is my shopping cart. My satchel or backpack is my Mini Shopping Cart, the temporary, transitional cart I carry things in until I can get back and put them in my house, my Primary Shopping Cart. If I were homeless, I'd need a train of shopping carts a mile long to contain all my stuff.

Coming Tomorrow: Surprising announcement about blogger’s inner life. Never before revealed personal factoid about author of RideMyHandlebars. Get the sick details, available only here!



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