Thursday, March 01, 2007

Portland to host International Car-Free Conference!

Here is the EXCITING NEWS I promised last Tuesday that I would deliver Wednesday. I realize it is now Thursday. I want my blog to be the place to go for people who missed the news when it originally came out. It’s for people like me who are behind on everything. And who don’t care if they find out about something exactly when it happens as long as they find out about it eventually. Or not. People are busy. They have things to do, and reading the paper every minute isn’t always one of them. So if you missed this fabulous piece of news, here it is again, lifted right out of the Oregonian. Look at this! Was I not just telling you what a bike magnet Portland was becoming? And the next day, this turns up in the paper. See? When I’m not lagging behind, I’m way ahead of everybody.

City of Roses picked to host international "car-free" conference
Posted by Noelle Crombie February 27, 2007 06:28AM
This year, Istanbul. Next year, Portland.
The European-based
World Carfree Network -- which, you guessed it, promotes alternatives to driving -- has picked Portland to host its first-ever conference in the United States, according to this local blog. Portland was chosen based on several key factors, including its support for alternative transportation and its ability to be a model for other cities around the United States and the world.
Past conference hosts include Prague, Berlin, Budapest and Bogota. This year, Istanbul will play host.
Last fall, Portland hosted a Carfree Days event. Read more about it
here.Thanks to for the heads-up.

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At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still waiting to know what to wear on my head before I attempt riding in the rain.


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