Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Issues of delayed signage

The red birthday graffiti was gone already this morning when I rode in – which makes perfect sense, since the birthday’s over. But it was surprising, since most people lack follow-through when it comes to signage. Have you ever noticed that? Signs that advertise some event on a certain date often remain up long after the fact.

This is especially true of garage sale signs. People will nail signs up on every telephone pole with a big arrow pointing in the direction of the sale and then leave them there for weeks. Just last Sunday I was almost home from somewhere when I spotted such a sign. Though I was only two blocks from home and had resisted several garage sale signs already, when I saw this one I veered off to the right in the direction of the arrow. (You know how sometimes when you’re almost at your goal you feel like you can finally give in?) I pedaled three blocks out of my way to find absolutely nothing – six blocks, if you count the way back. This isn’t the first time I’ve fallen for this. Now I have regained my former skeptical outlook of not believing any of the signs.

If you must frequent garage sales, I recommend going by bike. Then you’ll be much less tempted to buy anything that would take up space in your house. I haven’t bought anything since last summer, when I bought a small portable typewriter, which unfortunately fit nattily into my bike basket. I now have five manual typewriters, every one of them in mint condition. I don’t know what more I can do other than wear a blindfold.

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