Sunday, June 03, 2007

Clean-car alternative to bike transports 6 x the load

Look what I came across while riding over to pick up a couple of burritos last night. A guy named Michael (I think) was touring this happy little mob around on a noiseless, gas-free vehicle -- otherwise known as a golf cart. The owner of the cart was a high school senior graduating that same night. This is what he's been using to get from home to school and back for the last couple of years.
Did they nab his cart the minute he left for graduation? I don't know. Maybe Michael will write in with the full story. Bet those kids know how lucky they are to have a fun guy like Uncle Mike in their lives.

You can see by their clothes that summer has come a month early to Portland this year -- it usually doesn't stop raining and warm up till July. So this was a "real" summer evening, like they've already been having in the rest of the country for at least a month.

We're only a couple weeks away from the longest day in the year. After June 16th, the days start getting chopped off at the ends again.

So don't forget to enjoy the light!



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