Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who needs two wheels when one will do the job?

While we’ve been busily evolving from four wheels to two, Leo has long ago progressed from two wheels to one. He bought his Schwinn unicycle in 1969 for thirty five dollars. (He says Schwinn stopped making unicycles in 1986.) Two years ago he got rid of his car, and finds that he comes out way ahead just renting one once in a while. (Not Flexcar, though – I asked him this specifically because I’ve been conducting an informal survey about Flexcar, and Flexcar isn’t coming up cheaper than ordinary rentals.) Leo owns several bikes, but prefers the unicycle. “I’ve always been fond of unstable things,” he says, “like walking on loose rocks and skydiving. I like challenge in everyday life.”

Besides, it keeps his hands free so he can carry his paintings and other art pieces, many of which are made on glass or mirrors. When I met him, he wore hefty back pack and carried a couple of frames under his arm, some flat panels, and a long bundle of sticks.

Suddenly I feel like I’m taking up way too much space in the world. Thanks, Leo. Now my bike feels like a Winnebago.


At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impressive! And think how much easier this would be to store!


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